Counting down…Ugashik or Bust


Picture of the river from Nunam's dock.

The Yukon River viewed from Nunam's dock.

May 22, 2009

We are scheduled to fly to Ugashik on the 28th.  It will be a long day – we leave Nunam in the morning and arrive in Ugashik in the evening.  The first leg with either be to Bethel or  Emmonak.  From there we will fly to Dillingham,  King Salmon and then to Ugashik.

Flights and route are dependent upon break up, flooding, and weather.

*   *   *

Break up/Flooding Update

The news reported that the village of  Marshall had some pretty bad flooding and residents in low-lying areas had to evacuate to higher ground.  Emmonak is on flood watch.

We went down to the dock last night and there is a lot of open water on the river.  There is still lots of ice and it hasn’t started shifting yet.   The river ice has started moving up and down with the tides again.  I asked a relative whether she thought we were going to flood, and she replied that it really  depends on how the coastal ice breaks up and jams even if the river break up looks normal.

We are scheduled to fly to Ugashik on the 28th