Victoria Briggs: Signs of Spring!


signs of spring 008

Native Lingonberries, called cranberries here, are showing signs of greening

May 17, 2009

Amazing how quickly it can go from cold, frozen and miserable to warm, thawing and sunny like AZ!

We have had about 5 straight days of sun, low winds and warmer, into the 70’s. Everyone’s energy is pumping. Plans that were talked about ALL winter are now moving quickly into full swing.

At the same time Mother Nature is showing all her glory and grace in our surroundings.

While out this morning doing ‘chores’ the dogs and I were treated to a rare sight. The swans, all three of them, were ‘playing’ right over the house. Dive bombing each other, turning, twisting, calling and generally having a great time. They were so close you could see their webbed feet and bill color. There are a pair and one tagging along. When you consider these guys are 20+ pounds, that is a BIG bird to be diving and rolling in the sky!

At the same time I saw our first swallow yesterday at the ‘home’ place. White/cream tummy and blue/black back and wings. They nest in the banks and also make mud dobber nests in our warehouse once we leave the big door open full time.

I always have to laugh as the great horned owls that live in the village also come down and spend their days there.  Talk about either finding the biggest protector around as a neighbor or TOTALLY flirting with danger, I am not sure.

The owls, a nesting pair of many years from what we know, stay either in the old cannery in the village to nest or for a few years on some barges we had on our beach front. They hatch at least one young one each year and many times we see two. (Have read the life span can be to 28 years).

They stand about 3 foot tall so if you are quiet when entering our warehouse you usually get a few moments to watch them before they leave. It STILL amazes me that you hear nothing when they are in flight. As a predator what an advantage!

signs of spring 005

Radishes trying to get going- still under cover!

The first planted spinach, hardy greens and radishes are doing their darnest to come up. Given we are still getting nights of heavy frost or even freeze I am thankful.

We dug a few holes for new clothes line poles the other day and found that down about 12”-18” we hit frozen ground. Winter still isn’t too far gone.

signs of spring 007

Willows adding to the pollen count!

The willows are budding out and we are starting to see tid bits of green in many places.

A few skiffs have been in the water and people are traveling up to ‘Egg Island’ to harvest seagull and duck eggs.

The first subsistence salmon nets are out in the river. Nothing but local Starry Flounder so far, BUT there is hope :-)

~ Victoria


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  1. Secret TalkerΔ Says:

    Lovely Post and most enjoyable, Victoria-Thank you!

  2. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Ahhhh… it’s like a big sigh of relief to see the green poking through. It always does, but we always wonder if it will come back again. It seems almost impossible that so much life lies dormant under the ice and deep snow.

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