Victoria: Not Going To Miss Out Again!



On edge of the lake looking east- ‘trees’ in the foreground

We have a pond or small lake, depends on what part of the country you come fromJ about a quarter mile from our home. I can see it clearly from my kitchen window.

We take the dogs out there for baths, but they call it swimming. They love it and come back all ‘clean’ and pretty! 

It has crystal clear water, is about 1500 feet long and maybe 750 feet wind. The edges are hard so the dogs can jump in versus wading in which makes for fetch games that are more fun.  

Last year about this time I noticed tundra swans hanging around it more than normal. Mostly the swans gather in the larger lake in the back of this one before heading out in the fall. 

Sure enough a pair chose to stay for the season!! I had all sorts of plans to head out there with a camera to take pictures of parents and then babies. 

Figured I would have to limit the amount of time the dogs went for play. I knew we would have to keep the dogs on the side closest to our place to not scare them away. I was primed! 

Well ….as many plans go when the summer actually gets under way for fishing, they got way laid! 

We had a very cool if not cold summer, the winds were high making it miserable to stand in the lake spray and, most important, a number of bears hang around the village. 


Walking down to lake via “overland” route

To get to the lake you head out the back of our property and head through a path surrounded by “trees” or shrubs that reach over your head, not good territory to meet a bear. 

Well a few days ago the group of swans were back, flying in and out of the pond, calling and generally making it hard to ignore their presence. Pretty to watch. Big white birds swooping and calling. Mountains in the background all covered with snow. 

Yesterday I noticed just two remained. 

This morning while making breakfast I noticed the two of them on the far side doing some feeding in the tundra near the lake. 

They are here again and I will NOT miss this chance again!! 

The four legged girls and I headed down today to take a look. Wind was whipping up and tundra is wet and soggy so we went up and overland more to make the trip. 

No swans to disturb but I think I have an idea where they are settling in, on the opposite side of the lake. Saw little buttons of white bobbing, their heads I am pretty sure. 


Girls got a swim and I got a few pictures!

Headed home to do research on the swans, finding all sorts of things I will get to share with you as I do not miss this chance again!

~ Victoria


5 Responses to “Victoria: Not Going To Miss Out Again!”

  1. elsie09 Says:

    I love your post here. Thanks for sharing your local ambience with such interesting descriptions and photos. It looks really peaceful there, if you can overlook the wind, the blizzards, the remoteness…yeah…I could overlook that, I think, with some practice! But, the bears…uh…NO! I’ve been in “bear country” before, in Canada, so I take those furry guys pretty seriously, as I’m very sure you do, too.

    Anyway, it looks like maybe “spring has sprung” in the North Country, huh? How long will it be when you get wildflowers?

  2. annstrongheart Says:

    Hey Vic,

    Tundra Swans or Trumpeter? Do they nest by making little islands and huge nests? Do you have those birds, we call them egg stealers, who steal eggs from other birds and eat them? When we go egg hunting here we watch them sometimes and get to the eggs before they do, just let them show us where they are.

    We are getting a few Tundra Swans starting to fly over Nunam now. I have seen a total of 5 now. Haven’t seen any other birds except the swans so far.

  3. annstrongheart Says:

    I know you mentioned that you hunt eggs there, too. What types of eggs?

  4. Had to Jump In Says:

    The swan are Tundra Swans. They make their nests near the water and the one I saw up close a few years ago had the ‘correct’ head and eye markings.

    There is a web site that tracks ones, in real time I believe, that have been banded. They are all tundra I believe and part head to this area. I will get it up shortly.

    From what I remember the Trumpeter head farther north.

    We hunt seagull eggs. Sometimes duck eggs but much less on those.

    No ‘egg stealers’ that I know of besides the fox.

  5. UgaVic Says:

    Had to Jump—
    Hey neighbor!! Good to see you here!!
    Ann, he is right – they are Tundra swans and we do hunt mostly seagull eggs.
    I will see if I can find the link he is talking about on following the swans and get it posted.

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