Alaskan Fishing Permits: Fishy Toxic Assets?



AKM’s post about 2009 fishing limits was picked up by the Huffington Post today. It should be front page news but, at least they are paying attention. 

One comment there seems to add another dimension to the complex universe of Alaskan fisheries. “TheRubberRoomHotel” posted a comment about commercial fishing permits 

AKM, Thanks for bringing this to national attention.

It would be so nice if our new administration could take notice of this. My community is already facing so much hardship with the cost of fuel and goods. This will impact it very badly. The sad thing is that people who have commercial permits here paid a great deal of money for them, sometimes upward of 60 thousand dollars, and they are no longer worth the paper they are written on.

Very sad time in Alaska indeed. 

To see the pollock industry talk about not making enough profit  and then hear statements like this, from a village where a whole community might lose its livelihood and investment to assure the profitability of the pollock industry, just does not seem right. 

To see villages dry up because what has kept them going for more generations than most can count, was pulled out from under them for profit – somehow there has to be a reckoning. 

Please share your fishing permitting woes, stories of hardship because of the limits last year and what you are facing in the coming months. Tell us what topics we should be addressing here! 

Quyana Cakneq!


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