Victoria: To Us – This Was TOTALLY Unexpected


Apr 28, 2009

e8f7479a7f1A dramatic change in less than two weeks*

We were standing on a hillside near our home, looking out over the river on Saturday afternoon. Hubby, a guest and I were talking about the river and how this winter had been so much colder than normal and yet so little snow.

Our guess, especially since I had just traveled over it on Tuesday, less than a week earlier, was that it would be at least a week before it would be ‘breaking out’.

Normally it is right around the very end of April or the first of May before we start to see holes in the ice or the river flowing.

We usually go through days or even a week or more of open holes and areas of water. Then some breaking up of the river. We woke up Sunday morning, after a night of some winds in the 20-30 knot range and the river was flowing some.

COULD NOT believe it. Hubby, who grew up in the village does not ever remember it going from basically solid to flowing like this.

It will be a week or so, if normal, before the ice and everything is totally unplugged and flowing freely. We have an incoming and out going tides so ice will travel back and forth for a bit. If the winds blow from the SE it will assist the ice getting out into the bay, Bristol. The opposite will keep ice choking up the river.

We also have 4′-8′ of ice build up on river bank that will need to be cleaned out before we will have access to the water safely.

* * *

Spring has arrived!!

~ Jane

2 Responses to “Victoria: To Us – This Was TOTALLY Unexpected”

  1. Mike Nuckols Says:

    Watching that snow melt, you are seeing the collapse of your salmon fishery. Warming water is one of the reasons our salmon stocks our collapsing. White spot disease thrives in these conditions. More at:

  2. UgaVic Says:

    Mike –
    I have read a little about that. Give how cold our last few winters have been, with cool rainy summers we have been lucky with having some of the coolest waters for summer fishing in years, at least in our area of AK.
    That MIGHT not be the case this year as we watch a very low snow pack come off the mountains.

    A number of us are pursuing learning more about the research needed to get a better handle on what all might be impacting the fish runs.

    Especially the Chinook runs there is really very little science and that has to be looked at IF there is a desire to manage the fishery as it is supposed to be.

    Thanks for the link, a know a number of us peak in and see what all is up. Will have to do more.


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