Nunam Iqua heating fuel/stove oil tank runs dry



Nunam Still in the grips of winter and now out of
stove oil/heating fuel due to early freeze up and no fall fuel barge!

In this evening from AnnS:

Nunam Iqua ran out of heating fuel/stove oil for the residents here.

Then more information:

I just got off the phone with Alakanuk and Emmonak they are selling stove oil to out-of-towners (meaning anyone not living there) but they are limiting it to:

Alakanuk 20 gallons per household/person

Emmonak 10 gallons per household/person

We are going to have to go upriver and try to get enough to make it through break up.

I asked how we could help and she replied:

Did I mention that we ran out b/c we didn’t get our last fuel barge in b/c of early freeze up?

I don’t have any short term solutions to offer other than pray at this point Jane.  I can’t authorize donations for other village fuel sales. Plus this is the first time we have run out of stove oil before winter was over, usually we run out of gas.

More tomorrow – stay tuned!

Those villagers shouldn’t have cut down all those trees last week!

~ Jane


Read Ann’s update HERE to see the latest news on the heating oil situation!

9 Responses to “Nunam Iqua heating fuel/stove oil tank runs dry”

  1. leu2500 Says:

    How about this. The Commander of the Alaska National Guard has them fly up fuel to the Yu-Kip Delta villages We DO have tanker aircraft in the military. Oh, my bad. The Commander of the Alaska National Guard has been too busy in Indiana.

  2. Just wondering Says:


    Are the town generators working so you have electric heaters and hotplates to cook?

  3. Ella Says:

    I am sure the Governor will fix this – NOT. I am so sorry Ann.

  4. Alaska Pi ∆ Says:

    What’s the situation with fuel for electrical generators in town?
    And conditions to get around in to go fuel hunting? How near breakup are you there?
    Is there a reason fuel can’t /won’t be flown in?

    Catch us up when you can…

  5. Wolfe Tone Says:

    What kind of quantity of fuel do you think will be required to get you through to break-up?

  6. Alaska Pi ∆ Says:

    Thanks Ann.
    Hoping for an update when you get time.
    Is heating fuel/stove oil supply managed and operated by a private entity?
    Was there ANY warning this problem was in the offing?
    We all know barges were unable to make last deliveries in the fall due to early freeze up-is this more fallout from that?

    Take care- you and your neighbors stay warm!

  7. annstrongheart Says:

    Our generators are good. They are run by the City and have enough fuel to make it until break up. River conditions are still good. Hubby says the river will be safe to travel on for another 3 to 4 weeks via snow machine. Break up should occur at the end of May.

    I do not know the status or possibility of having fuel flown in. Yes our electricity will remain on and some of us have electric heaters and hotplates.

    My house will probably try to get enough stove oil to last until after break up supplemented by using our wood stove.

    According to my hubby this is the first time Nunam has run out of stove oil before the spring barge arrived. Usually it’s gas that we run out of.

  8. Rob Rosenfeld Says:

    Hi Ann:

    I wanted to thank you for the warm welcome to anonymous bloggers.

    The dialogue and information is important.

    Do you have any used oil sitting around? I ask because we have a waste oil to energy converter / portable unit in Emmonak. Used oil gets mixed with diesel to stretch the diesel out.

    Let me know if you are interested.


  9. annstrongheart Says:


    You are very welcome! Please read my update to find out the current stove oil situation.


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