Vic: Over the river and through the…oops, we don’t have woods!



Active volcano 25 miles from Ugashik

This was written to AnnS and a few of others who help us keep all this going. They thought I should share this with all of you as this is a pretty ‘normal’ thing for those of us in the villages. With a little editing and name changing, as they really do like to be ‘behind the scenes’ here is a quick insight to our village life.  -Victoria


Am back in Ugashik, safe and licked from head to toe by the four-leggeds. (hubby is out or I MIGHT have gotten a kiss from him too:-)

Headed over to Pilot Point yesterday for a check up as I have been having some leftovers from that cold I caught in Anchorage. Since I am home alone a fair amount right now, husband’s job takes him away, we thought it was best to be safe and not wait.

It was kind of last minute and just grabbed a plane ride from our borough mayor who also is a pilot and owns a local airline from the northern part of the borough. (He was down waiting for the fog to clear so he could take a villager who serves on the borough school board, picking up other board members as they head up for a meeting in the northern part of the borough. I just happened to hear him speak to someone about where it was best to “wait it out” on the VhF that connects all of us in the area. I gave him a call on the radio and it was arranged.)

Went through the whole medical exam and looks like I have something that be handled by some medicine and a little time.

We will see.

(The clinic staff, 2 people, had been up in the wee hours the night before handling a medical emergency-life flight, which looks like will turn out fine from the little I even know about it, so did not want to alert them I was coming until it was for sure.)

Got the email box pretty much cleaned down – you have all been busy.

I want to be in on that conference call for businesses – hint, hint Ann:-))
Miss J – something told me to get you some extra stories, now glad I did.
Ann S – such an artist and jokester
Miss AK- GLAD you posted the art – made my morning!!
Miss FL- got the holiday box as I was heading out – am reading and explaining to those who help me. So fun.
TT- Got Miss S box with rice, chocolate and art supplies!!! Art supplies went to preschool class this morning and hopes are to get pictures tomorrow doing at least painting. Thrilled, was kids reaction.

Got a whole bunch of other boxes with goodies for so many.
Will work on an update but things were greatly received. Was able to get a good-sized bag out to everyone and also to the two (and a part) families we have added in the last few weeks.

Came home via the overland route, lake and marsh trail – interesting and worth a whole story on its own – BUT imagine;

Started off with pea soup fog this morning.
Cleared to bright blue over head but still foggy all around us, but 22 degrees.
Decided to risk the overland lake and river trails versus being fogged in for a second day.
Loaded up two four wheelers with the food bags for UGA people and my stuff.
Got geared up with rain boots up to knees and borrowed warm pants.
Got ready and took off – fog cleared.
Mountains, only 25 miles away all snow covered and BRIGHT blue sky.
Travel across snow and ice covered lakes and melting swamps (browns, dull greens and lots of moss)
Two tundra swans take off right in front of us.
Saw Sand-hill cranes, ducks, geese and seagulls on our way home.
GREAT day despite icy water to the mid calf and a bruised butt going over all the tundra moguls!


I KNOW we are telling you it is NOT safe to be traveling right now on the ice, rivers, and lakes BUT I had ‘kids’ – 4 legged, and chickens at home that needed care.

I went with two men who grew up in the area, had been traveling the last few days back and forth. THEY did agree after they got me home and then back home themselves, WE ARE DONE. We all made it safe BUT the river, in getting on and off, is getting too darn dangerous. Say your blessing and count your good luck, there is plenty of fishing season to risk your neck to be doing it on the ice any longer.

~ Victoria


3 Responses to “Vic: Over the river and through the…oops, we don’t have woods!”

  1. Secret TalkerΔ Says:

    Victoria, I am curious- How did you connect with the men with the 4 wheelers to get home? Do you have to return the clothes that you borrowed? Whose clothes were they , anyway?!FEEL BETTER SOON!

  2. UgaVic Says:

    Secret Talker –
    I knew both these men from my husband growing up with them. I had seen one of the the other day in Ugashik when I was delivering a food bag to another villager. I was amazed he was still traveling back and forth and we talked.

    Then once I was in PIP and realized I was fogged in we got to talking to a few people about ‘plan b’, something you ALWAYS have no matter the time of year in AK, and touched base.

    They were willing to take me home the next morning if the weather looked to be an issue again.
    The gear was/is from one of the health aids from the clinic and was sent back with the guys who brought me over – although not cleaned so I will have to get some fresh eggs to her as a thank you:-)

    Already feeling better with the meds so things should be great soon.
    One thing about the bush, and most small towns or close neighbors, we all help whenever there is a true need, despite any other issues.

  3. Secret TalkerΔ Says:

    Thanks for taking time to reply.

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