Signs of spring in Ugashik



Ugashik River – overlooking dock as of April 15.
Notice right off the edge of the dock is the start of ‘ice heaving;
The dark is the dirt that gets trapped in the ice

In Miami we don’t have spring. Our weather pattern is mostly hot and humid with a couple of months of beautiful, balmy days that remind us why we live here. 

During a visit to Virginia at the end of March, signs of spring were emerging. Clear, crisp days and chilly nights restored this Sun Puppy!

Now spring is blanketing the lower 48 with crocuses and daffodils and gardens are being planned.

It will take a while for spring to make its way to rural Alaska.

Victoria is starting to see signs of river thaw in Ugashik but Ann will not see a change in Nunam Iqua for a few weeks. When she does, it might not be pretty…

A handful of villages in rural Alaska face the prospect of difficult breakup this spring with possible flooding, the National Weather Service’s top hydrologist in Alaska said on Tuesday.

Points along the Yukon Delta. (Anns region) may see severe flooding as unusually thick ice and greater than average amounts of snow begin to melt.  Its ot over yet!

We must continue to send help until the berries are ripe and the salmon are running this summer. It will also be important to follow news relating to rural Alaska, especially bycatch issues.

Both Ann and Victoria will be updating us as spring arrives in their villages. They have endured an unusual winter!

Both grew up in the lower 48 and live in rural Alaska by choice. They have each taken on the task of making sure their neighbors have not gone to bed hungry this winter. They have been an inspiration to all of us!

Spring is almost here but the need for long-lasting solutions for the problems of rural Alaska remains. The emergency is almost over but the long-term task of helping Ann and Victoria bring permanent change to all villages is just beginning.  Please help us make sure everyone has enough money to buy both fuel and food next winter.

~ Jane 


4 Responses to “Signs of spring in Ugashik”

  1. the problem child (an aunt, also) Says:

    Thanks for the reminder. It’s not spring here, quite yet, either. I imagine that there is an interim period when the river is not safe enough for snowmachines or open enough for boats. If flooding occurs there could be other transportation issues. So let’s get the villages well-stocked up before spring springs some more issues!

  2. UgaVic Says:

    Oh yes it is already that way here in this area. A couple of guys came over from PIP the other day and surprised all of us that they would risk it.
    Travel is now only via plane until the river is opened up.

  3. secret talker Says:

    Ann S. and Victoria, Spring is starting to come and I realize that there is so much to do in rural Alaska,still. I am taking this time to tell you that I am impressed with your energy, committment to your visions,perserverance and grace! It has been my pleasure to get to know you through the internet ,to get a glimpse of your lives and to help improve things even a little bit in your part of the world.I hope to continue and with your inspiration and leadership..we will see lasting change springing forth sometime.

  4. Say NO to Palin in Politics Says:

    I’ll send off a few boxes this week, we’re getting a tax refund, yahoo!

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