Where are all those boxes coming from?


Here’s your answer!  Keep in mind these are boxes I have received addressed to the Nunam Iqua Food Drive only and do not include any sent directly to adopted families.

To see a bigger version of this map please visit HERE.




6 Responses to “Where are all those boxes coming from?”

  1. the problem child (an aunt, also) Says:

    Makes me want to cross the border into Maine and send a few flat rate boxes.

    But, no, that would not be any more cost effectiive,

    I’ll contiinue to do my bit anonymously. That’s the Canadian way.

  2. alaskapi Says:

    @the problem child (an aunt, also) –
    The Canadian way is the neighborly way…
    Alaska knows we have GOOD neighbors there :-)

  3. Michigander Says:

    Ann, I love the map – makes me feel like waving happily to everyone! And Canada Oh Canada! Hello! Haven’t visited in a while but you are always beautiful. Problem child, I too am a problem child , perhaps I am your niece? Or even your aunt also too. Just getting silly, love you all (o:

  4. AuntieRuth Says:


    I can buy spices cheaply in bulk at an Indian (Asian) grocery store. Are there spices you could use? They come in plastic bags that would fit nicely into the flat rate boxes.

    Examples: curry, of course; poppyseeds; various peppers; bay leaves; nutmeg (whole or ground); allspice; anise; turmeric; mustard; cumin; cardamom; cinnamon.

  5. Grace Says:

    My sister and I are working on ticking New Jersey off that list — we’re not all mobsters, darnit! (And won’t just be sending pasta!)

  6. Michigander Says:

    AuntieRuth, You probably already got an answer elsewhere and mailed your goodies but I know spices will be welcomed. Wish we had a bulk spice store here for home use AND to send!
    Grace – East coast rocks – my roots are there (o:

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