ALAKANUK – another village asks for help!

Mar 10, 2009

I adopted another village, Alakanuk.  I contacted their Tribal Council and received word today that they would like me to help them get a food/fuel drive started for them.

Alakanuk (uh LUCK uh NUK)

Located in between Nunam Iqua and Emmonak.
Population: 700+
Households: 154


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  1. Secret TalkerΔ Says:

    Ann S. I think that you are doing a great job; and that the villages are able to approach you for assistance. Obviously, the need is very great!

  2. tewise Says:

    Ann S. what type of food items are needed for this village, and I will get what I can to send to help them….

  3. tewise Says:

    ok thanks

  4. alaskanative Says:

    Hey Ann! & everyone else thank you for adopting our village.. Hey Ann is there a way I can get or see if someone is willing to adopt some families, so that they can get some things mailed to them? Any way about this one household that I mentioned before when I saw that person, this person had mentioned being behind on their water & sewer bill like by 4 months because of the high price of stove-oil and not transportation to get wood. I gotta go now, my lunch break is over so gotta head back to work before I get yapped at by the boss (lol). I’ll check by on your site later.. Thanks again everyone….

  5. alaskanative Says:

    okay Ann, just dropped by for a quick moment. Later gotta go.

  6. Say NO to Palin in Politics Says:

    sorry I haven’t been here in a while……spring is starting here, so more outside work goes with it. Planted peas and cleaned beds this week. I love spring.

    Anyway………I just saw this, which is way cool! it was short, I posted the whole thing. A perfect way to share more of what is going on, the good and the not so good. Go for it someone who can write well. HUGS

    New rural blog:

    Posted by Alaska_Politics

    Posted: March 13, 2009 – 9:53 am

    Comments (0) | Recommend (0)

    From Kyle Hopkins —

    Readers — my job at the paper has changed over the past several months to include writing more and more rural stories. Now I’ve got a place to blog about them. We started this week as a place to break stories before they appear in print and post photos and videos. It feels a lot like starting The Trail back in 2006, when I was gathering a lot of information and wanted a way to share it before it hit the newspaper. The difference with The Village is that I’ll be looking to post photos, letters and videos from readers around the state.

    Please check it out, and if you have something you’d like to share, e-mail me at or click here to submit photos.

  7. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    I am sending a box out on Monday!

  8. Linda Says:

    mailed two large flat rate boxes from willoughby, ohio on saturday. also crammed a bunch of stuff into a regular sized flat rate box and sent to pilot point. i am just hoping all this is getting there. no word on some i sent out to pilot point two weeks ago. i know victoria is busy with the gardening conference and i don’t expect immediate feedback because i do assume that the boxes are getting there. i just worry a little that i’m not packing them securely enough and that they break or they get sidetracked or whatever. any feedback is helpful. meanwhile i’ll just have try to have faith in myself and the usps! thanks!

  9. Linda Says:

    thanks, ann. i usually use the automatic postal machine at my post office after hours. after weighing and buying postage, they have you drop the boxes into a chute and sometimes i cringe when i hear them land behind the wall with a loud thump (sometimes more like a crash). maybe i should be more worried about other people’s boxes that they land upon! : ) as you know, the boxes are very heavy, and i think i pack them ok, but that sound at the post office is scary! and i just know that they are probably not treated gently as they make their way from ohio to alaska. it is reassuring that most of them arrive there in good shape.

    keep up the good work!

  10. va_soccer_mom Says:

    I squeezed 11.5 lbs into a small flat-rate box last week. Will send another soon! Thanks for letting us help!

  11. alaskapi Says:

    va_soccer_mom –

    11.5 lbs in the SMALL one rate box?
    GOOD job!

    Thanks for helping!

  12. Wurzelhexli Says:

    Got in over 18lbs into a small one last week. ;)

  13. va_soccer_mom Says:

    @ Wurzelhexli — Way to go! That’s some dense food you sent — a lot of calories for the postage buck!

  14. alaskanative Says:

    Just wanted to say thank you cuz for all that you have been doing for the communities that you are helping, even to those of you that send things out to people that you don’t know, To see people that are in need of grocery, fuel recieve help from you all makes me feel so happy and thankful that there are people out there that care and are willing to help others. Thanks again and God Bless each & every one of you that make things like this possible..

  15. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    @ alaskanative

    Will YOU be our village updater for Alakanuk? It makes such a difference to people to hear from the villages; updates on what is needed, what your life is like (that which you want to share), what is the weather? What is the history of your village? What are your most cherished resources? Are you getting any help from other sources as Nunam Iqua has?

    Ann and Victoria have been the most amazing sources of humor, knowledge and sharing thoughts on village life. I have learned about Yup’k traditions, Eskimo dance regalia and practices, Potlatch frenzy, Yup’ik recipes for traditional foods, and how the wind always blows in Nunam Iqua. Oh my gosh, don’t forget that my head is STUFFED with cold weather gardening ideas and what by-catch is and why it’s a mixed bag. I have learned that many rural Alaskans would like to see some real science and theory applied to possibilities for self sustaining energy and jobs in Western Alaska (Victoria – thank you!).

    Having said all of that, I just realized how much a part of my life is now thinking about the villages and my friends there… thinking about how we’ve started something really fun and important with our group efforts and ideas. We would LOVE to hear more of Alakanuk – and we’ll be a good audience if you would like to share!

  16. alaskanative Says:

    I would be glad to help out, and write bout things that I know, don’t know how often I would be able to do it though, got a computer at home but no internet, and I usually check this site when I can like during my 1/2 hour lunch break if not during my 10 min break. Anyways I know the Tribal Council helped some households get stove-oil, and that was super helpful with the sickness going around, and with the off and on cold weather. Well gotta go now need to do my job, thanks again, I’ll check this out after work before I head home..

  17. Secret TalkerΔ Says:

    Hi, alaskanative, I was hoping to get to know you,because I believe that you are an oral historian. I am interested in these things. It is important to preserve culture-What do you do?

  18. alaskanative Says:

    Don’t have much time, but first of all I don’t consider myself an oral historian. Anyways I have a full time job, I’m married and had 4 children. I love my life as a mom, I like my job, and enjoy doing things with my family such as ice fishing during the winter, going out seal hunting in the summer, eating out village style “munaaqing” (lol) making a fire on the side of the river some where eating when were out hunting cooking some of the seal parts over the fire mmmm. Well people gotta go now so, if I have the time I will check back with this site later if not next week sometime. Enjoy your weekend.

  19. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Thanks alaskanative! That was a fun little roundup of what you like to do. We’ll have to get out of you, or from Ann, what is munaaqing? Thanks again for jumping in to say hello! I’m planning to send another box to Alakanuk soon!

  20. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    That DOES sound delicious – I love cooking over a fire outside in those long summer evenings where the twilight goes on forever. Yum yum!

  21. va_soccer_mom Says:

    I forgot to check my delivery confirmation from the USPS for my shipment to Alakanuk in March, so I pulled it up today just to see — wow! Across the country in two (2) days!

    – Delivered, March 19, 2009, 1:22 pm, ALAKANUK, AK 99554
    – Notice Left, March 19, 2009, 1:22 pm, ALAKANUK, AK 99554
    – Arrival at Unit, March 19, 2009, 1:22 pm, ALAKANUK, AK 99554
    – Acceptance, March 17, 2009, 4:14 pm, RICHMOND, VA 23226

  22. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    va_soccer_mom – that is freakin’ amazing! I had one package make it overnight to Nunam, and I’m in Juneau. Nunam is a LONG way from here even though we are the same state. Way to go, USPS! Long live the one rate box! Hip Hip Hurray!

  23. Say NO to Palin in Politics Says:

    I’m going to send off some boxes this week, tax refund, rah rah. Which village is hurting the most?

    LOL, I read Ann’s post about hold the beans, lol……..should we send bean recipes? do Natives use pressure cookers? it’s a very fast way to cook them.

  24. Say NO to Palin in Politics Says:

    btw Victoria, I’m reading your gardening diary right now, neat stuff! I’m just at the chicken part.

  25. UgaVic Says:

    At this point we are looking to help – (in order)

    Pilot Point
    then Nunam.

    Kids will be getting out of school around the end of the first week in May so we have to get the word out that all those kids will be eating at home versus school.

    Thanks for asking and hopefully we can get caught up – spring is trying to come but so much winter is left too:-))

  26. Jim Says:

    Vic and/ or Ann: Ironically (feeding an 8-year-old Alaska girl myself), what would be best food to send for kids once they’re out of school? Thanks.

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