Send Victoria to the gardening conference!


Mar 6, 2009

If there are topics we have missed, please let us know.

We have a solution in the works!

LGardener has offered to make reservations and purchase Victoria’s ticket using her credit card. Others have stepped in and offered to contribute. This is a much more efficient way to do this because people don’t have to rely on checks arriving in Ugashik in time for Vic to book her flights. One wrinkle might be a forced stopover in Anchorage and need for a hotel room. Anybody out there have a sofa if it comes to that?

We’ll post details here as we get them.

Thanks to all!

This page is a hasty attempt to give a little more attention to something we’ve been working on in the gardening thread.

Victoria Briggs, of Ugashik, is trying to get funding to attend a sustainable gardening conference in the middle of March in Fairbanks. She has been working toward starting a community garden in Pilot Point. It would be located next to the High School and utilize excess heat to extend the growing season. There’s more about what she will be growing and comments so far from the gardening thread here.

She has asked Senator Begich to help and has not received a response yet. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign has written on her behalf to Representative Edgmon but he hasn’t replied.

She has been offered a place to stay by one of the sponsors and the conference will waive her registration fee. The only thing missing is money for airfare.

If you would like to make a donation specifically for Victoria’s airfare, please write “Victoria/gardening” on your check.

Thank you again everyone for all you have done and are doing!


47 Responses to “Send Victoria to the gardening conference!”

  1. Michigander Says:

    Do I make the check out to Victoria Briggs or Pilot Point?

    Please let me know and add the info above – it would make it easier and quicker for donators. Thanks

  2. Say NO to Palin in Politics Says:

    What frequent flier miles are accepted on AK airlines that Victoria is using? any? And isn’t this supposed to happen fairly soon? Could a AG business sponsor her?

    this is very cool! go Victoria!

  3. Michigander Says:

    A check is on the way. And Say No to P – I think the reason for this page is that $ is needed urgently to make this possible. The conference is a little over a week away. If everyone sent even a small amount right away it would add up.

  4. InterestedPerson Says:

    Is there any paypal or credit card account that we could use to get it there now?

  5. Michigander Says:

    InterestedPerson – I wish I knew! Hoping Jane, Ann S. or Vic will let us know. Also how much is needed at this point? I might be able to come up with more than my $100 if I had more info and easy way to get it there.

  6. InterestedPerson Says:

    Network for Good will collect for certified charities with credit cards,
    paypal and some other cards. It has to meet IRS requirements to be a
    charity. Then the Network takes 4.75 percent for advertizing the service,
    credit card fees, etc.

    If there were an existing church or organization, then they could establish
    a scholarship fund for the gardening conference.

    I think Global Giving functions in the same way. But it may take too much time for Vic’s trip this month.

  7. InterestedPerson Says:

    PS on Network for Good already listed from AK are
    Bering Strait Assoc.
    Cook Inlet Tribal council
    Artic Slope something

    So there is precedent for gettiing the money this way.
    I dont know anything about these organizations or if they would even
    actually help with Vic’s trip. someone who knows them might ask?

  8. anonymousbloggers Says:

    I posted this on the old cold weather gardening thread:

    Does anyone have a contact at the airlines? We can put ads for them on and thank them in the blog for helping in exchange for tickets.

    Keep it open as to the number of tickets because Victoria may have a villager that could go along or someone from Nunam Iqua might want to go.

    Call their advertising departments, explain what we’re doing. Tell them this blog is getting more attention each day and we are looking for partners to help us help rural Alaska.

    Ann and Victoria have both been interviewed by Alaska Public Radio and the reporter feels the story might get picked up by NPR.

    If there are other airlines than the ones Jim suggested, call around. This should be a tax deductible donation if it is arranged through the village council.

    It’s much easier to ask for something if it’s for a good cause, and much harder to refuse. They might even go the extra mile and sponsor the gardening effort or at least pick up the freight charges for supplies.

    The more I think about it, this needs to be done in the form of a proposal by someone who knows the territory. If Alaska Airlines partners with the smaller carriers, try starting there. It would be terrific PR for them and a drop in the bucket monetarily.

    Good luck!!

  9. InterestedPerson Says:

    Is there any way that people could let Vic or you know PRIVATELY
    how much they are sending in checks, so that in case things work out in
    the various efforts, she would know she had a certain amount coming in
    the US mail?
    MMICHIGANDER;would that help to get others involved?

    If this conference can’t happen, at least there would be a fund for the next
    best thing.

    I just mentioned the groups on Network for Good as examples that other
    groups are using the site, as more of an avenue for credibility check of
    the site.

  10. fawnskin mudpuppy Says:

    i sooooo want to make a donation through paypal.
    but we need to know!

    if a check is needed we’re on a very tight deadline here.
    for the checks to be processed in time through the banks will take a few days i’d imagine.

    i do have an idea.
    if i can charge the ticket, people could send me their donations.
    i trust you guys.

  11. Michigander Says:

    InterestedPerson – yes that would help. How much is needed and the quickest way to get it there.

    Fawnskin – setting up paypal takes too much time I think but there must be a better way than you charging it yourself.

    I only have Ann S. email – how can we get a hold of Victoria quickly?

  12. Michigander Says:

    Hey! What about money order instead of checks? And will ANYTHING get there through the mail in time for Victoria to get reservations?

  13. Michigander Says:

    I’m afraid it would take too long to set anything up (as far as this trip). Also, Vic said something on another page that Pilot Point tribal council couldn’t get an answer for her quickly enough (that was the gist of it, forgive me for any inaccuracy). And as far as I know, Cook Inlet Tribal council doesn’t include her area.

  14. Alaska Pi ∆ Says:


    I have emailed you directly.
    Please contact our chief anonyblogger Jane at

    She will get you pointed the right direction… THANKS!!!!!!!!!

  15. anonymousbloggers Says:


    You can contact Victoria directly at

    Thank you all!!

  16. anonymousbloggers Says:

    LGardener, Michigander and InterestedPerson,

    It looks like you’re working on a way for people to donate to PayPal or get checks someplace that’s not as remote as Ugashik.

    Please send details and I’ll put them at the top of the post.

    Thank you all!!


  17. fawnskin mudpuppy Says:

    waiting for email from lgarderner to coordianate purchasing ticket.

    is anyone here good at actually making airline reservations?

    i am not.

  18. fawnskin mudpuppy Says:

    ok, folks.

    just talked to victoria.

    we will have something set by the end of the day.

  19. LGardener Says:

  20. fawnskin mudpuppy Says:

    quyana, linda.
    i’ve emailed you.

  21. Michigander Says:

    The pieces are coming together Woohoo!

  22. anonymousbloggers Says:

    Hi all,

    Thanks for everything you are doing to get Victoria to Fairbanks!

    I’ve been busy this afternoon with requests to forward e-mails to other commenters and it’s been confusing because usernames and e-mails don’t match real names and e-mails. If I thought you were someone else and sent you a random e-mail, please ignore.

    I think enough of you have each other’s e-mail addresses to set up a plan. I can add information to the main post telling people where to send checks or donate to PayPal if you can get that going.

    Thanks Linda for your generous offer to back this with your credit card – it gives us time to organize the effort. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

    Thanks everyone!

  23. anonymousbloggers Says:

    We have a solution in the works!!

    LGardener has offered to make reservations and purchase Victoria’s ticket using her credit card. Others have stepped in and offered to contribute.

    This is a much more efficient way to do this because people don’t have to rely on checks arriving in Ugashik in time for Vic to book her flights. One wrinkle might be a forced stopover in Anchorage and need for a hotel room. Anybody out there have a sofa if it comes to that?

    We’ll post details here as we get them.

    Thanks to all!

  24. fawnskin mudpuppy Says:

    there might be someone over at mudflats with a sofa…

  25. Peaceful Granny Says:

    Wow, you anonbloggers are fast and marvelous, I just happen to have a few $$ left in my PayPal account and can chip in at least $10 if you let us know where to send it. Will check back later. Hats off to all anonblogers!

    Victoria start packing your conference clothes. Will be looking forward to the report when all has been arranged and you get back.

  26. Say NO to Palin in Politics Says:

    And next year perhaps plan on an exhibit, from the Native villages, and what a deal @ 5.00! plan for it, showcase anything that will benifit the villages and gain positive exposure, be it pictures of green work, alternative energy or gardening, works in progress or items to sell, take advantage of the opportunity to get information out to a sector of the public that is supportive of good things.

    Would you like to highlight your business or organization
    during the two-day conference? Six-foot skirted
    tables for displays, posters and literature will be available
    to registered conference attendees at $5 each. Set
    up will be immediately before the event March 17, and
    take down will be immediately after the event March
    18. If interested, please let us know what you need and
    include payment on back of brochure:

  27. InterestedPerson Says:

    I will get more info on the Network for Good and post it tomorrow night, but
    the people involved need to decide what organization to use to receieve the donations.. I think the Pilot POint Food Drive would work fine, but it sounds like with the weather,
    getting the trip set up, etc. there is too much for Vic to do right now.

    And I would think the village and/or elders would have something to say
    about it?

    Jane, If you were emailing me,I have two email accounts but they bounce to each other, so they are
    both me, Grace.
    I think when I registered on different pages to get notification, I used one of each.

    Linda G., I emailed you about my check which I mailed earlier today.
    Let me know if you didnt get it.

  28. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle Says:

    Seems convoluted with everyone talking on different threads.

    LGardener, much appreciated that you stepped up with your Credit Card. Would like to contribute, just need to know how/where. Thx

  29. Michigander Says:

    Kath – In case you haven’t heard anything yet I tried to point Vic over this way. Hopefully will get an answer soon. I am not sure if the above check info would be able to reimburse LGardener unless maybe memo said victoria/airfare/conference or something. But I am not in charge here so just guessing (o:

  30. LadyInCali Says:

    I would also like to contribute…just need to know where to send the $$$

  31. alaskantiger Says:

    Victoria, if you have a stopover in Anchorage and still need a place to stay, just let me know at rei underscore toei at hotmail dot com. I have a guest room with a very comfy futon. I do have a cat and two (nice) dogs, so if that’s an issue maybe someone else has offered already.

  32. UgaVic Says:

    Sorry – been battling a bug.
    Address is
    Pilot Point Food Drive
    Attn: Victoria
    PO Box 449
    Pilot Point, Ak 99649
    Please be sure to put – “Victoria/gardening meeting”-on the check so it doesn’t get lost in the fuel or food donations.
    We did get plane and hotel reservations made by a couple of people who said – get it done- and worry about splitting up costs later.
    We are using any donations we get now to lessen thier burden for the whole conference.
    Give me a day or two to get past the bug and I will do a formal update with lots of thanks.
    I am excited and looking forward to coming home with lots of ideas for Ann and our area.
    Thanks all so much.

  33. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle Says:

    Hey Victoria, hope you’re feeling better soon. I don’t know if you will have any free time, but one thing to check out when you’re there is if you might be able to scope out any deals on Bean Sprouter lids, I’m sure folks already have Mason jars.

    I know there’s a desire for fresh veggies during the winter. This might be an easy way to grow your own in your kitchen. Also, I know Ann S. asked for people to stop mailing beans, but this would be a good way to use them.

    Years ago I used to grow my own sprouts (particularly liked those from regular store bought bags of lentils because they have kind of a nutty like flavor. You can eat them like salad – or stirfry.

    Here’s a Youtube I found, to show how easy plus how much they increase in size, as well as how valuable they are for nutrients:

    How to Grow Bean Sprouts

    These lids seem awfully expensive, so that’s why I wondered if you might find something cheaper in Juneau, or someone might have access to a place with cheaper prices:

    Sprout Jar Lids

  34. InterestedPerson Says:

    Several layers of cheese cloth held on with a rubber band worked just
    fine when I was sprouting seed regularly.

  35. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle Says:

    Thanks Interested Person!

    Thinking further about it too, that regular nylon mesh also would do the trick to let the air in while keeping the sproutlets from falling out. Certainly cheaper than $3.95.

  36. anonymousbloggers Says:

    When my kids were little and we did sprouts we poked holes in a regular jar lid with a hammer and nail.

    That would be a good use of extra beans!

  37. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle Says:

    Yes I bet that works too! The thing is each type of bean has such a different taste, so gives much variety. From the Youtube, they weren’t exaggerating how much ‘product’ they got from a rather small amount of beans.

    I like to stirfry them into Top Ramen (after draining the TR water off, then adding just a little of TR flavor pack) with bits of meat for something different.

  38. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle Says:

    What ever happened to Victoria? Anyone know? Did she come back?

  39. alaskapi Says:

    Victoria made it to and fro the gardening conference and is readying a post about it.
    They had a heckuva a cold snap in her area when she got home and has been dealing with weather issues.

    May be up tomorrow-
    I am getting pretty antsy to hear all about the conference myself!

  40. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle Says:

    Thanks alaskapi!

    I was beginning to wonder if it might be posted in another thread and I’m roaming the rest of the forest. Will keep an eye out for it!

  41. alaskapi Says:

    Keep your eye.
    Very distracted this AM. Redoubt popped overnight.
    Keep thoughts that all in the vicinity stay safe and that mail service (FOOD PKGS) continues.
    Last go-around mail was mess on and off for months cuz of ash clouds…

  42. alaskapi Says:

    Well crud… while you keep your eye… keep it looking round too…:-)
    very distracted…

  43. InterestedPerson Says:

    Thinking of the specific Alaskans I have “met” on these blogs,
    but all those unknown as well….it sounds pretty scared and unhealthful
    already, but hoping it doesn’t get any worse..

  44. alaskapi Says:

    InterestedPerson –

    There IS always a silver lining in these things… wild blueberries always do better after an ashfall! :-)

    My grammy was just a lil thing when Katmai popped in early 1900s. She lived in a small village on Whale Island. ( The village was damaged so severely in 1964 tsunami it was abandoned ) The passed down verbal history called for everyone to take to the water in boats to avoid ashfall problems…Grammy thought it was pretty fun! Can you imagine taking care of a pile o kids in itty bitty boats while volcanic ash filled the sky!?

    Here’s hoping Redoubt settles down relatively soon and everyone hangs in there ok… and that the blueberries thrive!

  45. InterestedPerson Says:

    Hi, Pi,
    I would think the ash is good for lots of crops…
    will try to think of that, instead of how we feel with just a smog
    inversion in the summer…
    You all sure get to keep your resolve available.
    I admire that.

    Someone noted the stage of life when breathing and having a heart
    beat is multitasking….hadnt heard that before [was that you who
    said it?] but increasingly that means
    me, too, so coping with sealing windows, etc before the sun is up
    sounds like a total drag, to say the least.
    With the news of the wolves’ slaughter, again AK much in my mind.

    Do the grandmothers say anything about surviving in the times of great
    sorrow on the earth? Or did they just do it…just survive without
    making any points about it? Remembering the good parts?

  46. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle Says:

    Stay safe all you Alaskan Friends!

    Thanks again Pi! After I had posted I later read that Redoubt had popped. Very worrisome. I hadn’t even considered the flight patterns being affected.

  47. alaskapi Says:

    “Someone noted the stage of life when breathing and having a heart
    beat is multitasking…”

    That WAS me Interested Person!
    Outer middle-age sure has it’s ups and downs and the ability to bounce more than one ball lives more and more in my memories;-) than in the present .

    Yes- the grandmothers just did it… lived through it all. They did remember mostly the good parts and MY grammy laughed a lot.

    She raised 11 kids in a 2 room cabin without running water or electricity, with only a wood cookstove for heat AND cooking,grew a huge garden every year, put up food endlessly, and that was the EASY part.
    But she really did laugh a lot.

    This has been an extra tough winter for a lot of folks in rural Alaska. Some have certainly felt deep failures in spirit but so many, many like Mr Tucker, Ann Strongheart, and Victoria are working hard to build a future with dignity and purpose…

    I hear my grammy ‘s laugh .

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