Nunam Iqua Snow Drifts


Mar 1, 2009



5 Responses to “Nunam Iqua Snow Drifts”

  1. Glen Says:

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  2. JuneauJoe Δ Says:


    Reminds me of Emmonak when I was there. I remember the bitter winds that shook the house. I can also vouch for the fact that going out in the middle of bad weather can be disorienting. Just walking to or from school on those blizzardy days was very weird, until you got through the door. A route you have taken time and time again becomes totally unlike what you had traveled just the day before.

    Here in Juneau, I just got a bill for electricity. We were on diesel generator for 3 weeks because our hydro electric lines were taken out by an avalanche. My bill went from $30.00 to $80.00 because we switched to diesel power. We paid about $2.50 per gallon for our diesel too. Because of shipping, your diesel is much more expensive. If the cities had to pay what you pay for electricity generation, I can guarantee you that something would be done. I think Sarah and legislators should pay 7 months of heating/fuel costs at the rate which the villages pay.

    I wonder how much it would cost to heat the Wasilla Gov Mansion at the Village cost?

  3. shrinkinggranny Says:

    Oops, I misread that and thought you were referring to the Gov Mansion in Juneau.

    My bad.

  4. regina Says:

    New post about Alaska Natives on palingates:

  5. Kathy Says:

    Alaskans helping Alaskans?

    Many places throughout the world one church or city is partenered with another. Could neighborhoods of Anchorage adopt and help a sister village in the Alaskan bush? In times of need, those of us here could send food or money. In better times, we lend our time and resources to help build cold greenhouses and fuel-efficient buildings, repair/rehab generators. It is time that Alaskans help Alaskans; we can start to build the bridges across the chasm of what is village and city life. We cannot wait for some governmental agency or native corporation to do it–we must do it to raise the standard of living of all Alaskans.

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