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Feb 14, 2009


This is the beginning but we’re in it for the long haul…

It’s really important that we keep this in the news. Yesterday’s stimulus package included a compromise that cut funds requested by the National Congress of American Indians from $6.14 billion to $3 billion. We must make sure our proud neighbors in the north receive their fair share — even more to build the infrastructure they deserve.

“Gains for Indian country in compromised stimulus bill”

By Rob Capriccioso
Feb 13, 2009

“Indian programs fared well in the final version of the economic stimulus plan brokered by the Senate and House… Keith Harper, a Native affairs lawyer … and former member of Obama’s transition team, said important tribal provisions were included in the final legislation. He estimated that Indian country would receive about $3 billion overall as a result of the measure in areas including infrastructure, health and education…. the greatest long-term impact of the stimulus for tribes will lie in the billions of dollars in new bonds available for roads, construction, schools, energy projects and Internet access…”

It is good to see that Native Americans have a friend in the Senate:  “Some lawmakers, including Senate Indian Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., worked hard as the compromise progressed to keep as much tribal money in the final bill as possible.”


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  1. Alaska Pi ∆ Says:


  2. Alaska Pi ∆ Says:

    And thanks to our chief anony blogger-!!!

  3. ugaVic Says:

    This is great. I got a chance to see the Indian Nation announcement but not the ADN article.
    Long term is how have to head, as you all well know, so this does not become a reoccuring thing.
    THANK for getting this posted.

  4. JuneauJoe Δ Says:

    Little Strides are made every day! Jane, Thank You for making this blog! Thanks for the article. The Yukon River is frozen through May in the Lower Yukon so it is not over yet. There is still a lot of cold for the villages.

  5. anonymousbloggers Says:

    Juneau Joe –

    Are the villages that fall below the poverty level, as mentioned in the article below, receiving emergency assistance from the state?

    Alakanuk, Atmauthluak, Chevak, Hooper Bay, Kalskag, Kwethluk,
    Kwigillingok, Mountain Village, Newtok, Quinhagak and Toksook Bay


  6. AnnΔ Says:

    I just received an email that” help is on the way” from Stan Brock! I am sure that Jane will post it. Also I forwarded it to Ann S. and Alaska Pi. How Exciting!!

  7. anonymousbloggers Says:


    This is good news.

    In March, the US Military will conduct a medical and veterinary training mission in the Yukon Delta. Health professionals from all branches of the military will bring needed care to rural villages while testing equipment and procedures to meet real emergencies in extreme conditions.

    I’m just curious. The villages receiving this aid all fall below the poverty level.

    Since these villages fall below the poverty level, has there been a state of emergency declared for them? If we’re helping villages that are too “wealthy” to deserve the declaration of a state of emergency, are these villages silently suffering greater hardship?

    Can somebody check and make sure these villages are on the radar screen?

    Alakanuk, Atmauthluak, Chevak, Hooper Bay, Kalskag, Kwethluk, Kwigillingok, Mountain Village, Newtok, Quinhagak and Toksook Bay.

    Thanks Operation Arctic Care 2009!


    Many thanks to our troops — here and abroad!

  8. Books, Books, Books Says:

    Contributing writers (especially bloggers) are being sought for a book about Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin and her media coverage, especially pertaining to her many “gates” –trooper gate, turkey gate, bridge to no where gate, rally gate, etc. Please email

  9. Alaska Pi ∆ Says:

    We are all here to help with short and long term soultions for bush Alaska.
    Some of the issues overlap with concerns about the lack of response by the current state government but this is NOT a “gate” .
    The foundations of this crisis are deep and long established. The soultions must be too…
    Please donate ideas or stuff while we work out soultions…
    Thank you

  10. Alaska Pi ∆ Says:

    Well, crud…
    We might need soul-tions too but it is solutions we are working on…

  11. anonymousbloggers Says:

    I think we are the soul-ution!

  12. Alaska Pi ∆ Says:

    I don’t know how to type a big guffaw anony but YUP, we are trying to be!!:-)

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