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Student parking in Emmonak - photo courtesy JuneauJoe

Student parking in Emmonak - photo courtesy JuneauJoe

Jan 25, 2009

Visit JuneauJoe’s January ’08 archive to get a feel for how cold it is.

Finally, something in the main stream media…

Kim Murphy has a piece in today’s LA Times with yet another example of the hardships rural Alaskans are going through this winter.

She writes of a 61-year-old woman in the village of Tuluksak who had run out of wood , fuel oil and money. She also had very little food. It was not until three days later that neighbors learned of her troubles and used what little gas they had to haul wood to her home. They offered what little food they could spare but nobody has more than just enough.

I wrote a letter to the editor asking that they do follow up stories about other villages that are also struggling and about how we are helping Ann’s village. Also about how we’re sending flat rate boxes and donating through SPAN Alaska. Maybe if Kim Murphy sees the letter she can put SPAN Alaska in touch with someone in Tuluksak.

In the mean time write a letter to the LA Times thanking them for running the story and encourage them to follow up with more coverage and ways people can help.

If you have a bulletin board or break room at work and would like to post a flyer, I have one posted. Feel free to edit the DOC or simply print the PDF.

If you visit other blogs that are talking about this, please ask them to post or send any information they have to us so we have all the information people need to get involved. Thanks!


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  1. juliethejewel Says:

    Hello everyone. I am here with my pie and hope you have coffee ready. We need to roll up our sleeves and get this party started. Lots of work ahead of us to help our neighbors in Alaska.

    Even though I am in Texas, they are still our neighbors in the great country of ours!

  2. JuneauJoe Δ Says:

    In time, we could also look at other places in need and I know there are many.

    The need in the villages though is big – right now and through May because the Yukon is frozen until June.

  3. JuneauJoe Δ Says:

    When I took this picture, it was about 25 below zero and quite windy. I learned fast to cover the ears and neck. I wore two sets of long johns, pants for school and snow pants as well as two coats. I also had two pairs of gloves and snow boots rated for 30 below zero. You dress for the weather or you pay severe consequences.

    I had the financial means to get the right clothes and food, most in the village do not. They are acclimatized better than I but the kind of cold on the Yukon is killer cold for anyone without the right gear after a period of time.

  4. Elsie Says:

    Hi there. I’ve been lurking here, because I care about the rural Alaskans who are suffering this winter and facing a desperate choice of whether to use their scarce funds to buy food to feed their families or buy fuel to heat their homes in sub-zero temperatures. I’m sure a large percentage of the suffering Yukon Delta people are babies, children, and the elderly. Americans SHOULD NOT have to choose between food OR fuel, especially those living in the riches of their native Alaska, nor should malnutrition be an issue with their children EVER.

    I’ve shipped 5 boxes to the village of Nunam Iqua so far.

  5. howlgirl Says:

    which is the best link to put on our blogs/ websites to drive people to re: the current situation in alaska? here? another?

  6. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    Watch mudflats tonight- new post due.
    I am taking a few days off all this.
    I am deeply discouraged and disappointed right now.
    Please, help however you can and , please be careful.
    IN Alaska this must be framed as the RURAL problem it is. Folks have too much practise blaming Alaska Natives for everything.

  7. JuneauJoe Δ Says:

    I am taking a few days off too folks. My daughter and her friends were in a quiet bar in Portland, OR and a fellow took out a gun and shot 9 people – 2 died. He ran right past my daughter between shooting the first group and second group.

    As the day wore on, it kind of hit me how lucky I am right now. Need to take care of the family stuff about now.

    Help where you can.

  8. anonymousbloggers Says:

    My sister works at the Miami Herald. She works in HR but has forwarding information to a reporter friend who has been sending it on the other reporters that might be sympathetic. The problem is there’s no local angle and, like downsized newspapers everywhere, most of our national news comes from the wires.

    We need a news service to pick up the story — any connections.

    I’ve noticed the story has been in the most read stories box on the LA Times site. Maybe that will gauge the level of interest.

    I just sent two boxes that would have cost $83 and change for $29.20. I’m probably getting the most value from the flat rate box idea.

    Jane in Miami

  9. troutay Says:

    Looking for Pi.

    Can I come in?

  10. anonymousbloggers Says:

    Of course Troutay!

    Trying to get away from Mike?

    Jane in Miami

  11. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Hey gang – I recognize MOST of you – hurray!

    I just posted corrected info for Span Alaska’s FAX and MAILING address, and here it is again:


    PO Box 1240
    Monroe WA 98272

    Fax 1-800-226-5138

    Sorry for the goof!!!!!!!!!

  12. Elsie Says:

    Hey, Y’all.

    I’ve been wandering all over the Internet today. It’s led me into a great number of interesting places. I don’t know what to do with all the information I am collecting.

    For example, “Indian Country Today” at indian country today dot com has a number of articles in the business section. I found an EXTREMELY interesting article there about “Sharing the Wealth”.

    It explains that the philosophy of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community in Minnesota is, when their needs are met, they help others. http://www.ccsmdc.org/

    Their donations rose from $23m in 2000-2003 to more than $108.5m by the end of 2007. And in 2008, the community donated more than $40 million to other tribes, communities and organizations!

    The FAQs for “charitable giving” are at that web site, as well.

    That’s one Native American article I came up with. But now, what do we do with this information, if anything?

  13. troutay Says:

    Hey Pi:

    We beat up those people. Please come back.

    Yes, I was trying to get away from Tom the toilet paper guy

  14. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    hey troutay-
    Not coming back for a bit. Miss you and so many others though.

    Have had word from someone who has contacts with California Press- took so long to hear back cuz the stinker got to go to the inauguration!!!

    will try to get that going…

    stay away from toilet paper that is NOT on your own roller at home, my friend!

  15. anonymousbloggers Says:

    Alaska Pi

    We have to get this on the wire services because newspapers don’t have resources to cover the national beat.

    If your California Press contact can help us out…

    Glad to see you here!

  16. troutay Says:

    Well, I just got my behind stomped on too. “Palinshutup” pretty much told me to shut up.

    So, I guess its time to find a new home.

    later all……

  17. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    @ troutay

    Palinshutup is supposed to tell SARAH PALIN to shutup – NOT you! Helen will weigh in over there and I’m sure it will be interesting. But it’s a new day, and the anonymous blogger offered up a new forum – thank you!

  18. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    Come lurk here. We’ve got chores to do here so we won’t get to shoot the bull like we’ve grown so used to. We talk about food a lot here though… so that’s the same!
    We’ll see how the other shakes out , may have to go in on rent on for a parlour for us-other-not-quite-so-old-broads- Who knows?
    I’ve got homework to finish and send to California. Sheesh.

  19. AlaskanΔ Says:

    Helen pretty much told everyone over there that you can talk about anything that you want to. And remember she is the decider.

    The last couple of days over there kind of started to get a little uncomfortable. Here was a group of people that were really jazzed about helping and some others came in and basically said “who cares” or “enough already”. That hurt because we all thought that we were really taking the hope and faith thing to heart and doing something.

    I was actually very proud of our little group to know that a couple of days of communication started a community service effort from all across the country and even my boys were proud to think of how many boxes were going to be showing up in the villages and how even a few people can make a big difference.

  20. troutay Says:

    It upset me too Alaskan. I was rather shocked that PalinShutUp was so blase about the whole thing. I thought everyone was actually interested in helping out their fellow man. Guess I was wrong.
    I think I just need some time. As AlaskanPi said, I am mentally and physically hurt by this, and I think I need some rest.

  21. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    From Anna, on Margaret and Helen’s (she’s been a busy bee)

    The Alaska Federation of Natives, a very reputable ,long established organization in Anchorage has set up a relief fund to help all rural Alaskan Villages suffering from the fuel price and fishing crisis. They have dedicated a bank account that is being used strictly for this situation. If you have questions about the AFN’s program you can speak directly to Gladys Charles, who is co-ordinating the fund collection. Her # in Anchorage is (907) 274-3611. Checks should be made payable to AFN/ Village Relief Fund and mailed to Gladys Charles. AFN. 1577 C st. Suite 300 Anchorage, Alaska 99501

  22. tasharose Says:


    The above link is the spot I started my drive, the local bulletin board of our local paper. Go see the hate I was met with. The same people tend to do this very thing to those of us in the community who have the AUDACITY to think of others….

    I am starting a drive, have contacted local officials, media and the folks up in Alaska about what our little town can do. There is an event this weekend of like minded folks that I can spread the word to. I am tabling at this event so I’ll have fliers for this and shall be taking monetary donations for the cause.

    Helping and loving your neighbors doesn’t mean just those next door, or in your town or county or state….it means ALL of your neighbors, state to state, country to country. Blessings to all!

  23. anonymousbloggers Says:


    So happy you dropped in. I think you’ll find people here a little more welcoming.

    We’re just getting revved up — we moved here after our Alaska conversation offended certain people on another blog who saw no reason to try to help Americans who are suffering.

    Where do you live?

  24. tasharose Says:

    I am in a small Northern MN town between Brainerd and Bemidji. Our county went Republican in the election so you can only imagine what I’m up against in my drive. Thank Goddess there is a great amount of people up here, though, who believe in love thy neighbor, the Threefold Law and the Golden Rule. I’m excited, a bit overwhelmed (by emotion mostly,) and very very faithful in the good of the people I live around.

    Let’s do this thing!!

  25. anonymousbloggers Says:

    “Let’s do this thing!!”

    You betcha!

    It’s pretty quiet here tonight. There’s a lively discussion over at Margaret and Helen’s…


    The’re bashing Ann Coulter and touting the use of green bags. I’m with them on both counts.

    If you have any information about the situation in Alaska that’s not posted here, please send it so I can add it to our info.

    Thanks and good luck in that little town of yours!

  26. Elsie Says:

    Tasharose, I looked at your blog. It belongs to the local paper, you say? So you are unable to delete the bullies? My suggestion to you would be to remember that bullies love to argue; they LIVE to argue. No explanation satisfies them. Putting you on the defensive, confronting and antagonizing you, is all great fun to them. I had to deal with a neighborhood bully, and the expert advice I was given by a friend was to refuse to argue or be drawn into an argument with the guy. Remember that bullies will interrupt you in conversation, but just remain unemotional, acknowledge that you hear what they say, but state unemotionally that you do not agree with them. There’s a bit more to it than that, but since your situation was about a written blog instead of conversation, I’ll stop here. I’m sorry that your good efforts were slimed by hatefulness. I wish that you could have just hit the “delete” button on that blog and chosen not to respond. Hang in there. Go about your good works, and don’t let the jerks get you down. People here care and thank you for your sincere efforts to help others so unselfishly.

  27. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    Elsie is the queen of good manners and diplomacy. She’s almost always right.
    I am not.
    Be sure you stick your tongue out at em too… they can’t see you through your monitor, hon!
    Aside from the bullying, the answers to some of the spurious questions asked are readily available in Alaska – as per difference in per capita income in Urban v Bush, dollar reality per costs og goods and materials, on and on…
    Those slimerinos NEED to believe it is the imprudent planning and spending of the Alaskan citizens involved because they can’t follow the complexity of what led up to this mess…

  28. AnnΔ Says:

    Hi everyone, Just returned from a scary meeting on cancer genes!So Elsie , if I understand correctly you found a group that helps others when they have a surplus.Perhaps you could write to them and let them know about the problems in rural Alaska. If that is ok you could give them a link to Ann and to Emmonak. You might want to let them know about the more recent link to the AFN because I believe the donation would be tax deductible. I hope that works! I found the discussion over at M&H a little dull and I am very bummed that our good work and enthusiasm was tampered with.I appreciate that Helen is in favor … but somehow the life was sucked right out of the parlor.Still missing Greytdog.. I think she is at that blog with Salon in its name.

  29. troutay Says:

    I am from Aitkin, Mn. Small world. I live in the Cities now though.

  30. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    AnnΔ and Elsie-
    I have been remiss in following links and details of what you are doing.
    Was also behind on responding to Greytdog about possible clothing and blankets project by youth group Greyt has connections with…
    trying to get caught up now.
    Greyt is a tremendous overview synthesizer…much missed.
    This is a terrible thing to say- but the barferino bunch that wants “ha-larity” and dishes out acid across the way live in as small a world as the ‘other” they yap on about all the time.
    We’ll get some work done and see if we widened our own horizons a smidge…

  31. anonymousbloggers Says:

    Looks like we made it to the wires!!


  32. troutay Says:

    Got an email from Nick Tucker today. He sent along a new email address but I forgot to send it to my home email. Will do so tomorrow so that you all can have that.

  33. Elsie Says:

    Hey, check this out:

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090128/ap_on_go_co/stimulus_american_indians “American Indians could reap almost $3B in stimulus”

    This is in conjunction, I HOPE, with the passage of the $819 Billion economic stimulus package today by U.S. House. We need to look more closely at this.

    The article ends:
    Julie Kitka, president of the Alaska Federation of Natives, asked Congress for stimulus dollars at a Senate Indian Affairs hearing earlier this month. She describes chronically underfunded Indian and Native Alaskan communities as “emerging economies” similar to developing countries around the world that can be hardest hit by an economic downturn. She says this is a chance for tribes to boost their economies for years to come

    “It’s an opportunity to do things right,” she said.

  34. JuneauJoe Δ Says:

    Hi Elsie,

    The sad news is that Palin, our Governor, seems to be not asking for Alaska’s part of the money. She is playing the fiscal conservative game and is requesting money for her pet projects and little else. She has a concern about the people’s money which means she is running for Pres in the future and like to play the conservative card, even if the state goes to hell in a handbasket.

  35. Elsie Says:

    I haven’t had time to study the new info, but do you think that if Palin doesn’t go after the nearly $3B for them, then the Native Americans themselves, without her, can’t get the financial help?

  36. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    While JuneauJoe is correct it may be that AFN can do an end run around her. The peculiar relationship of first american with the feds is different here- but still exists. Hmmm.
    Elsie- I think the request must come from Ms Strongheart or Mr Tucker or the elders of the communities affected. Ann seems to have limited hours of access to internet so that may be part of it too. (Ann- you out there ? )Finding the info is a major coup though… holy mackeral- you and AnnΔ are amazing!
    and troutay- you contacted Mr Tucker ?!

    Have had a lot of dead ends in things I’ve tried to track down but STUFF is happening…

  37. Elsie Says:

    Well, JuneauJoe and Alaska Pi, and anyone else with a good idea:

    Should I try to contact the AFN’s president, Julie Kitka, or Willie Kasayulie, the AFN Board’s director for the Yukon area with the information about the Minnesota philanthropists? Or wait to hear from Ann Strongheart or try to reach Nicholas Tucker, Sr.? Or something else altogether that I’m not seeing right now?

    I will have limitations on my time at the computer tomorrow, so I’m grateful to get your feedback tonight while you are online.

  38. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    With your tact and diplomacy I would think you could contact AFN – maybe both Ms Kitka and Mr Kasayulie- with the info you have dug up.

  39. Elsie Says:

    What about Mr. Tucker???? Would it be going over his head, or around him, leaving him out of the loop, about something he had the good sense to publicize originally?

    Or just fire off one email to EACH ONE OF THEM, ALL AT THE SAME TIME??? (i.e., Ann, Mr. Tucker, Ms. Kitka, and Mr. Yasayulie?) Except, I’m not sure that I have Mr. Tucker’s email address anywhere, but it looks like Troutay will send it in here tomorrow.

  40. Elsie Says:

    aaaaack…Kasayulie, that is…

  41. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    Aplogies for not being clear.
    If you do not hear from Ms Strongheart by morning, I think it would be acceptable to email her and Mr Tucker with the information and copy to AFN
    Emails I have had from Ann have come in after I go to bed…
    So, maybe tomorrow morning you will have an answer.
    It may be that Ann has to refer the request to other folks. A great deal is done by consensus in villages- cowboys get their wings clipped.

  42. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    I just read all your posts at M&H’s…
    Bags and food one was superbly sly…
    Well done!

  43. Elsie Says:

    Alaska Pi,

    My computer was stupid today, but my husband got home tonight and set things right. So, I’m just now checking back in.

    I emailed Ann the info I have on the well-financed, philanthropic Minnesota group, asking her if a request for assistance would be better if it came from within the Yu’pik family, rather than from little ol’ me down here in Texas. I haven’t heard back from her, so I’m hopeful that she’s just overwhelmed with receiving new wonderful supplies and has no time to fool with the computer up there.

    I also asked her about whether to approach the board member for her area who serves on the Alaska Federation of Natives and tell him about the Minnesota group’s setup for making charitable requests.

    Sometimes there are internal matters that have a bearing on something; I don’t know the inner workings of the Native American community, so I’m just sending out feelers about the best way to proceed. But, like I said, I’ve heard nothing.

    I could contact Willie Kasayulie myself; he’s one of the 37 board members for the AFN, and he represents th Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Villages. Info on him can be found at http://www.nativefederation.org/about/BioWillieKasayulie.php

    What do you think? Should I try to go through Ann, or Nicholas Tucker, or Willie? I keep thinking that it would be more appropriate for a request for help to come from the Native American community in Alaska than from me.

  44. troutay Says:


    Please add me on to your address book. I am e-mailing with my new, corrected e-mail address.



  45. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    Thank you troutay-
    You doing ok , yourself?

  46. troutay Says:

    Ah Pi

    I just think I need some down time. Things tend to affect me a bit. “Highly Sensitive” is the term.

    But! Minnesota is supposed to be up to 30 degrees above tomorrow. Could be sun deprivation.

  47. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Hello all, no posts from Ann yet? She’s so busy right now!

    Have your email questions been answered yet?

    Elsie, do you ever visit Mudflats? With all the goofy names, I have no idea if you’ve been there or not! We’ve been keeping the Rural Alaska updates going (without those “granolatrolls” banging around”).

    Should we be asking why SP is so interested in energy but not for her own indigenous people? What are the possibilities of using rural Alaska as a testing ground for some alternative power (wind / tidal?). Sure is windy in the tundra when it blows! She’s only interested in her pet project which she wants to take credit for nationally, as we already know, but personally I’d like to see her answer to this.

  48. troutay Says:


    When has she ever answered to anything?

  49. Elsie Says:

    Hey, y’all,

    Yes, Martha, I am trying to keep up with Mudflats. I joined the forum last week under my same user name here.

    I was running yesterday and had no real time for computer issues. This morning, I’m trying to read what I can about the Alaska Federation of Natives’ 2008 Federal Priorities, the Denali Commission, the Denali Commission’s Jan. 2009 Program Updates, and any related info I stumble across, to try to understand better what the Native Americans/rural Alaskans want. The AFN’s web site gives a lot of information about what their needs are, what their priorities are, etc. I’m just trying to digest it this morning.

    I have a short email from Ann S. about receiving the latest supplies I sent, but no response to my query about the Minnesota philanthropy group. I thought I’d spend a bit more time right now trying to understand what the rural people’s needs are as they themselves have already articulated in different venues online.

    This weekend, I will send an email directly to Nick Tucker (thanks, Troutay) and another to Ann S. regarding the Minnesota folks. If I get no response, then I might send an email to the AFN rep for the Yukon area, and/or the head of the AFN.

    Right now, I’m doing my little research stuff. Any suggestions, please send them to me.

    For the moment, I just learned that the wonderful-sounding “Denali Commission” is composed of 7 members, appointed by the Secretary of Commerce. The first member is the governor. (BLEAH.)

    The Commission’s specific purposes are these: 1) to deliver the services of the Federal government in the most cost-effective manner…; 2) to provide job training and other economic development services in rural communities…; 3) to promote rural development, provide power generation and transmission facilities, modern communication systems, water and sewer systems and other infrastructure needs.

    The Denali Commission Act also identifies “Special Functions” for the Commission in the areas of Rural Utilities and Bulk Fuels. You can find out more about this commission by going to “denali dot gov”. (This program won’t allow too many URLs, so I’m cheating here so I won’t get held up in monitoring this submission.)

  50. anonymousbloggers Says:

    Morning everybody-

    I’ve been working on a little project and would like to throw it out here. We’re all pretty much on the same page and I’d like your ideas, suggestions, opinions – anything.

    I can’t stand the thought of four years of Sarah Palin all over the media every time she breaks a fingernail. There has to be some way we can use this URL to bring attention to the crisis and get her a little negative publicity.

    What do you think?



  51. Elsie Says:


    This interesting publication is titled: “ALASKA FEDERATION OF NATIVES 2008 Federal Priorities”.

    “The Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) is the largest Native organization in Alaska. Its membership includes 244 Native villages, 13 regional for-profit Native corporations, and 12 regional Native non-profit tribal consortia that offer a broad range of human services to their member villages.”

    The major goals of the federation are to “advocate for Alaska Native people”, “foster and preservation of” their cultures, “promote understanding of the economic needs” and “encourage development to meet those needs”, “to protect, retain, and enhance all the lands owned by Alaska Natives”, and “promote and advocate for programs and systems which instill pride and confidence in individual Native people.”

    Check out their website to read a generous discussion of their “2008 Federal Priorities” that greatly expands this brief outline:

    1) Protection of Subsistence Hunting, Fishing and Gathering in Alaska
    2) The Education of Alaska Native Students
    3) Rural Energy Crisis
    4) Telecommunications
    5) Federal Erosion and Flood Control Assistance for Alaska Native Villages
    6) Bureau of Indian Affairs Funding
    7) Increased Funding for the Indian Health Service for FY 2009
    8) Native American Challenge Demonstration Project Act of 2007
    9) Expand Opportunities of Contracting and Compacting of Federal Programs
    10 Housing
    11) Increased Funding for the Denali Commission for FY 2009
    12) Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act
    13) Rural Law Enforcement in Alaska

    It appears quite apparent at just a casual glance that the Native Alaskans KNOW what they need; we just need to get on the same page with them and offer any assistance that we might to help implement programs that address those needs. But, first, for me, is a need to get a “big picture” of what is already in place, and why the hell it’s not working, i.e., the “food-or-fuel” energy crisis right now, villages that have no clean running water or sewer service piped into their homes, etc.

  52. anonymousbloggers Says:

    And please add links to everything you know about. I haven’t been keeping up with that.

    Thanks again!

  53. Elsie Says:

    I have no idea why that stupid, “cool” emoticon got into that list. Sorry. Not trying to be cute.

  54. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    I ask you again… Will you come and be our gov? There has to be a way to use the ghastly gov’s tanning bed to create a hothouse for you at the mansion… it’s only 2 blocks to the office from there…
    Anyway- will provide 4 links which should help some in your studies…

    ANSCA sets the framework here in Alaska. There are notations about Alaskan law in relation to ANSCA towards the bottom.

  55. Alaska Pi Δ Says:


  56. Alaska Pi Δ Says:


  57. anonymousbloggers Says:


    I don’t think you did it. I tried to take it out but it doesn’t show up in the editing panel. I deleted the 8) and typed a new one but it’s still showing up.

    Oh well.

  58. anonymousbloggers Says:

    Must be an eight parenthesis thing! I get it. It’s a happyface with sunglasses. I’ll see if I can turn them off.

  59. Alaska Pi Δ Says:


    Yup- folks pretty much know what they want in a general way. The larger framework of state politics -sheer numbers of URBAN folks- has stood in the way of addressing the priorities of citzens in the bush.

    At ground level, in the villages, folks are confused and reaching for answers to solve problems like people do anywhere else. Some want to retreat into the old ways, some want to blame someone, some want to leave…

  60. Alaska Pi Δ Says:


    If we, the ghastly gov’s constituents , can get this AND other state issues in the open this legislative session, there will be plenty of grist for negative publicity .
    She was hired to do a job. She hasn’t done a very good job so far . She takes credit for anything that looks good but has gotten away with, so far, pretending things like this stuff here is philosophical not politcal.

  61. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    is shoulda been are…
    things… are philosophical…

  62. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    highly-sensitive is not a bad thing though it can be uncomfortable for the person who is…
    It is also a gift. The knowing that can come from it…Rest up.

    Re: gov’s current energy proposals- there are provisions for rural alternative energy . Have not studied it carefully enough yet. Don’t trust the gov or her minions to be careful about how it is implemented…

  63. anonymousbloggers Says:

    Alaska Pi-

    Let me know what other issues should be on the page and I’ll get them up.


  64. Elsie Says:

    Alaska Pi, Thanks for the invite to be the governor of Alaska, but I have enough trouble being the queen of my castle, what with His Worship living here and all. But I appreciate the invitation!

  65. Elsie Says:

    This is kinda interesting!


    Denali Commisson Energy Advisory Committee
    The next Energy Advisory Committee meeting will be held Monday, February 9, 2009 in Anchorage, Alaska. The meeting is from 10:00am to 3:00pm at the Denali Commission office. There will be an opportunity for public comment. Contact Ms. Jodi Fondy at 907.271.3011 or jfondy@denali.gov with questions or comments.

  66. Elsie Says:

    OOps, I got ahead of myself. Here’s the announcement of the next meeting:


    Denali Commission Energy Advisory Committee Meeting
    Anchorage, Alaska

    The Denali Commission will hold its next Energy Advisory Committee meeting on Monday, February 9, 2009 in Anchorage, Alaska. The meeting is from 10:00am to 3:00pm at the Denali Commission office. There will be an opportunity for public comment.

    The agenda for this meeting will be available at the Denali Commission offices prior to the meeting. The agenda will also be available on the Commission website at http://www.denali.gov.

    The Denali Commission concept was passed into federal law in 1998 for the purpose of providing an efficient tool for addressing the staggering infrastructure and utility needs in rural Alaska. The Commission provides important government coordination and funding for infrastructure which can demonstrate long-term sustainability including; power generation and transmission facilities, bulk fuel storage facilities, health care facilities, teacher housing, elder supportive housing, and solid waste facilities. The Commission also provides funding for job training, and economic development in rural communities.

    The Energy Advisory Committee is an advisory body to the Denali Commission. The members are John MacKinnon, Executive Director, Associated General Contractors of Alaska; Vince Beltrami, President, Alaska AFL-CIO; Nels Anderson, Jr.; Eric Marchegiani, P.E., USDA-Rural Development; Bob Martin, Goldbelt Corporation; Brad Reeve, Kotzebue Electric Association; and Dr. Buck Sharpton, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

    Questions regarding this meeting can be directed to the Denali Commission offices at 907.271.1414 or toll free at 888.480.4321.

  67. Elsie Says:

    “Letter to the world from rural Alaska”

    “Alaska Native village hits the media, flashes through the blog world and brings Alaska state officials to the scene” By Neva Reece, Jan 30, 2009

    This link at Indian Country Today is about Nicholas Tucker, Sr.’s letter in which he is desperately seeking help for his village of Emmonak.

    Notice THIS interesting paragraph within the article:

    “According to news reports, Tucker and others, the letter was just the most recent of a series of requests and warnings about conditions in the Yukon Delta region where Emmonak is located. A poor fish run, a missed fuel shipment and other conditions have been in play for months and it was anticipated that this year would be particularly harsh. Recently a spokesperson from (the office of Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development Commissioner Emil Notti, a former president of the Alaska Federation of Natives) said that none of the previous correspondence requesting help had been located.”

    Did you get that?


    Wow. How did THAT happen?

    The article continues:

    “In July KTUU, an Anchorage TV station, ran a story on the poor fish runs and its impact on the Yukon Delta and on Emmonak residents.

    On July 12 departing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan wrote a letter to state officials asking them to pay special attention to the looming crisis in rural Alaska.

    In August, Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, held the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs field hearing in Bethel to discuss burgeoning costs in rural communities.

    In September, the request for help for rural Alaska came from former Anchorage Mayor (now U.S. Senator) Mark Begich, D-Alaska, and School Superintendent Carol Comeau.

    In October, the Alaska Federation of Natives passed resolutions requesting the state address the rural crisis.

    On Dec. 11, KTUU ran another story, this time on Emmonak’s missed fuel shipment. In part, the report stated, “The icy Yukon River blocked their attempt to barge in the winter’s supply of fuel. The villagers say the fuel they have now will last them until January, at best.” Subsequent fuel shipments were flown into the village at much higher costs.

    Wow. If a former president of the Alaska Federation of Natives didn’t know that the salmon run failed yet again last season, that winter came early, preventing shipment of fuel oil by barge, and that the available fuel oil sells now for $7-8/gallon, then how can the people of the Yukon count on non-Natives to understand their plight and come up with a working solution that helps the rural people?

    Word may be getting out to the world, thanks to Emmonak’s Nick Tucker and Nunam Iqua’s Ann Strongheart, but, WITHIN Alaska’s state government, communications seem abysmally poor.

  68. Elsie Says:


    “CITGO’s home heating oil program continues”, by Gale Courey Toensing, Jan 23, 2009

    “Income-eligible households interested in getting up to 100 free gallons of heating oil can call the toll-free hotline number (877) JOE-4-OIL starting Jan. 19 to apply for assistance. Citizens Energy will send out authorization letters to approved households, who then contact their local dealer to arrange deliveries.”

    Sure is a shame that the obscenely wealthy AMERICAN oil companies can’t step in and help desperately cold U.S. citizens who struggle this winter in their “income-eligible households”, isn’t it?

  69. Alaska Pi Δ Says:


    From lil sis to me-
    A bright patch in the fog surrounding news of Yukon-Delta

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